10X Genomics - Linked-reads

The linked-read technology uses Microfluidics to partition and barcode high-molecular-weight gDNA using the undefinedChromium controller. This makes it possible to gain knowledge about distant loci with short-read sequencing. This allows the detection of larger structural variants with Illumina sequencing as well as the phasing of haplotypes and facilitates DeNovo assembly of genomes compared to traditional Illumina data sets.

The linked-read technology can be used for the following applications:

  • Exome sequencing (including detection of large SVs & Haplotaype Phasing)
  • DeNovo Assembly
  • Genome sequencing (including detection of large SVs & Haplotaype Phasing)

Sample Requirement

In order to use the linked-read technology as efficiently as possible, high-molecular gDNA with a mean size of> 50 kb is required. Overall, only about 1 ng is needed. The OD260/230 and OD260/280 values ​​should be at ~ 1.8 and 2.0.-2.2 respectively.

Please note that the quantities and volumes listed here are the pure requirements of the respective kit! In order to allow a quality control of the sample, please give us a sufficient surplus.

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