Sanger Sequencing

The GTL offers a comprehensive DNA sequencing service with a comprehensive range of services.

We are sequencing according to the Sanger method and use the "cycle sequencing" technology using labeled dye terminators (BigDyes). With the help of this technology, it is possible to sequence purified PCR products, plasmid DNA and BACs. We offer different read lengths and analysis types (see below). Furthermore, we have a variety of special protocols in order to be able to sequence even difficult templates.

Samples that are submitted to our lab before 10:00 am are usually processed the same day and results are made available for download the following day. We can also analyze particularly important and urgent samples within 4 hours (see Xpress service).

Several ABI 3130XL Genetic Analyzers from Applied Biosystems are available for analysis. Sequence data analysis is carried out with the Sequencing Analysis Software (Applied Biosystems), so the quality of the data can be assessed.

If you are planning larger DNA sequencing projects, please contact us. We are always ready to provide further information, assistance with problems related to Sanger sequencing.

Only 'Long-Read' or 'Short-Read' analyzes can be performed per job! Please do not mix!

Important: All your DNA samples must not exceed the security level S1.

For further questions you can undefinedcontact us.

The following options are available for Sanger Sequencing

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