Important Advice & FAQ


Please submit your samples only in aliquots with the required quantity for the analysis. Please refer to the respective workflow page for the specific requirements. Please keep any additional material in your custody.


Please label your samples clearly and legibly without the use of special characters. Also, make sure the label on the tube matches the naming in our TSM system. When commissioning QC analyzes, please be sure to strictly separate and label those aliquots

  • that are used solely for QC (these will be discarded after analysis)
  • and those intended for further use for microarray or next-generation sequencing analyzes.

Necessary Documents

in order to process QC samples (RNA / DNA aliquots solely intended for quality analysis) and microarray projects we need the following documents:

  • a completed "Blockzettel" as order form (incl. "Kostenstelle" and GTL-Account)
  • the sample information sheet (this will be provided automatically when commissioning through our undefinedTSM-system)

 For the processing of NGS projects the following additional documents are reaquired

  • the "Analyseauftrag NGS" form (see undefinedDownloads), filled out as far as possible.
  • if applicable, a clearance in accordance with GenDG (see undefinedDownloads)

Please note that the order can only be accepted after providing all required documents.

User duties

The users of the Genomics & Transcriptomics Laboratory are obliged to

  • inform the GTL staff about the existence of possible safety risks in connection with the samples provided!
  • All legally required regulations (such as a vote of ethics, approval of genetic engineering and animal experiments, ...) that must be fulfilled in connection with the sample material and the planned analysis!
  • To properly acknowledge the work of the GTL in publications according to the rules of good scientific practice:
    • In scientific papers, the practical work of GTL staff is to be listed in the appropriate places (eg material, method or result section). The reimbursement of the expenses incurred does not release from this obligation.
    • Depending on the scope and complexity of the contribution, individual employees may be included in the acknowledgments or in the authors list with the text stated below * .
    • The GTL must be informed before submitting a publication and after the successful publication must be sent to the GTL in electronic form.

*This work was supported by the ‘Genomics & Transcriptomics Laboratory’ (GTL) of the Biological and Medical Research Center (BMFZ) of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.”

Sample collecting box for Sanger Sequencing

You can now bring your DNA samples, which do not require refrigeration, to the sample collection boxes at Campus South (post box on building 26.43), Campus Mitte (P.O. box in building 23.12.U1) or the Life Science Center (Merowingerplatz 1a ). We will collect the samples in a timely manner if you provide us with the location of the electronic sample entry in the additional information field or send us a separate undefinedemail notification.


Please transport your sensitive samples to us under suitable conditions. Our recommendations for different types of samples can be found below. We can not guarantee for samples submitted incorrectly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you wish to return any remaining material or intermediate products, please inform us at the time of sample collection (sample information sheet).

Type of Analysis           Material

In Person





Fragment Analysis



Quality Control






Dry Ice




Dry Ice



Dry Ice




Registration - Data privacy

In order for us to perform genetic examinations, you need to register. Please first read the 'Privacy Policy and Consent' and then confirm your consent.
After entering the required data you have direct access to the electronic order forms. With the help of the navigation bar, you can commission DNA analyzes (classic Sanger sequencing, NGS sequencing, fragment analysis, ...) and RNA analysis (QC and array analysis, for example) or make requests for special orders. Furthermore, you have the possibility to change your registration data and the information of your orders. Using the navigation bar, you can also find hints and links to software programs needed to view and edit DNA sequencing chromatograms in this protected area.
When submitting your first order, please submit the printed and signed data protection declaration.

Gendiagnostikgesetz (GenDG) – Medizinproduktegesetz (MPG)

If your samples are subject to the Gendiagnostikgesetz (GenDG, §8), you are required to fill in the completed form 'Probenfreigabe nach GenDG', which you can find in the download area.
As part of our analysis, we also use non-IVD CE certified kits, so the results of the genetic analyzes are only for research purposes.

Gentechnikgesetz (GenTG) – Biostoffverordnung (BioStoffV)

The laboratories of the GTL correspond to the safety level S1 according to GenTG and the protection level 1 to BioStoffV. Samples which require a higher level of safety or higher protection level must not be sent to our laboratory and must not be processed in the GTL.


How important is data privacy?
  • We attribute great importance to data privacy and take account through our own privacy policy and with the procedure description approved by HHU's Data Protection Officer.

    Our privacy policy can be found undefinedhere.

Application forms? Order templates? Info sheets?
  • Helpful templates and info sheets about our services can be found in the undefinedDownload section.

Does the GTL have a quality management system?
  • Yes, the GTL has been working with a QM system since 2010 and is certified in the areas of Sanger sequencing and DNA fragment analysis according to DIN EN / ISO 9001: 2015 (certificate registration No. 01 100 101390).

Where can I find current prices for the services?
  • The current prices for our services can be found under undefinedPrices. Please note that NGS projects can only be calculated on a project-specific basis. If you have questions about costs for NGS projects feel free to undefinedcontact us.

Is it possible for non-HHU/UKD members to submit samples?
  • Downloadable PDF documents

    We are happy to process samples from external clients. If you have any questions, feel free to undefinedcontact us.

Head of GTL

Prof. Dr. Karl Köhrer

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