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Single Cell Analyses

The GTL offers single cell analysis based on the Chromium platform from 10X Genomics as well as the BD Rhapsody platform. These systems allow a number of different applications for the analysis of single cells. For an overview or more detailed information about the individual applications, see the links below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


FAQ - Single Cell Analyses

Before ordering a single cell analysis, you must first register with us and upon registration accept our privacy policy. Then you can place an order electronically. In addition to the samples themselves, the following documents are required to process your samples:

  • a completed "Blockzettel" as order form (including cost center and GTL billing account)

Due to the highly different requirements from project to project, prices for NGS orders are always calculated on a project-specific basis. Please for a non-binding quote.

The sample requirements for the different workflows and applications can be found here.

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