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Spectrophotometric measurements

NanoDrop Spectrophotometer

Various variants of the NanoDrop spectrophotometer are available at the GTL, which allow an uncomplicated spectrophotometric screening of nucleic acid samples with the advantages listed below. The concentration of nucleic acids is determined at 260 nm. In addition, the entire wavelength range of 190-850 nm is scanned, so that statements about potential contaminants in the sample can be made. Discrimination between different types of nucleic acids can not be done with the method. In addition, certain contaminations can lead to an overestimation of the nucleic acid concentration.

  • Measurement within a few seconds
  • Low sample volume from 1 to 2 μl
  • Wide measuring range of 2-3500 ng / μl
  • No use of additional solutions, cuvettes or capillaries
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