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Quantitative QC-Analyses

For quantitative analyses, both a Nanodrop and a Qubit device are available at the GTL.

In order to achieve the best possible result, please pay attention to the input requirements for the respective assay (see below). Sample concentrations for QC samples are not checked by us prior to analysis. The minimum sample volume must not be less than 5 μl. The assays allow a flexible input volume as needed. A higher sample volume facilitates the measurement since random measurement errors are minimized.


 Totoal amount RNA/-DNA 

sample volume [μL]

Qubit dsDNA BR Assay 2 - 1000 ng 1 - 20

Qubit dsDNA HS Assay

0,2 - 100 ng

1 - 20

Qubit RNA HS Assay

5 - 100 ng

1 - 20


Please use our TSM system for ordering. After successful registration, QC-Analyses can be ordered. Please hand in the prepared samples together with an order form ("Blockzettel") (sample information is entered directly in the TSM system) to building 23.07 floor U1, room 61.

Important: Please mention the order number from the TSM system on the order form.

After the analysis is completed, results will be provided via email to the address provided in the TSM as a *.csv file. This can be opened with Excel or another spreadsheet program.

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