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Transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq)

With the NGS devices available in the GTL, comprehensive gene expression analyses can be performed. Since the platforms used are open systems, compared to corresponding microarray-based analyzes, there is a significantly higher flexibility with regard to the organisms to be examined and the depth of analysis. Therefore, mRNA expression profiles of model organisms (human, mouse, rat, Arabidopsis, etc.) as well as non-model organisms (diverse bacteria, plants) can be generated at the GTL. We also offer analysis of the corresponding miRNA expression.

By choosing an appropriate level of sequencing, the NGS approach also allow the analysis of transcript variants (alternative splicing) as well as the identification of previously unknown transcripts.

Depending on the organism and the desired depth of analysis, the following sequencing devices are used for mRNA expression analysis:

  • NextSeq2000

The following devices are available for miRNA analysis:

  • MiSeq

The GTL can be of assistance for planning, designing and implementing an experiment as well as data analysis.

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