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Targeted Resequencing

Targeted resequencing is an effective tool for targeting and sequencing specific genomic regions. On the one hand, the target region can be freely defined to analyse specific changes (eg hotspots) or complete candidate genes from a specific question. However, we also offer ready-made, commercially available panels that specifically enrich certain disease-related gene regions, complete genes, or the exome like the Comprehensive Cancer Panel (ThermoFisher Scientific) or the Human Liver Cancer Panel (Qiagen). Typically, enrichment is accomplished by multiplex PCR (ThermoFisher Scientific, Qiagen) or by hybridization of complementary probes (Agilent, ThermoFisher Scientific).

The following sequencing devices are currently available at the GTL for the sequencing of these samples. The choice of the platform depends on the experimental question and the required amount of data:

  • MiSeq
  • NextSeq2000

For more information on Targeted Resequencing applications, please visit the websites of the providers (ThermoFisher Scientific, Agilent, Qiagen, etc).

The GTL can be of assistance for planning, designing and implementing an experiment as well as data analysis.

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