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Capillary electrophoresis

Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical Technologies, AATI)

AATI's Fragment Analyzer is a fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis system that allows for the parallel separation and quantification of up to 11 samples (DNA, RNA, proteins) in parallel. By using an intercalating fluorescent dye, small amounts of starting material can be analyzed in a low sample volume (2 μL). Similar to the Bioanalyzer, the Fragment Analyzer provides quality parameters for RNA samples (undefinedRNA Quality Number, RQN). In addition, the Fragment Analyzer offers the possibility to assess even very large genomic DNA fragments with regard to their integrity. For the analysis of high molecular weight genomic DNA (up to 50,000 bp) a quality value (undefinedDNA Quality Number, DQN) can also be determined.

  • Capillary electrophoresis for quality control of RNA and DNA (including NGS libraries, amplicons) as well as high molecular weight gDNA (FFPE gDNA analysis, analysis of gDNA for 'long read' NGS sequencing, etc.)
  • 12-capillary system with 33 cm separation distance
  • Resolution: 10 bp to 50000 bp (for DNA)
  • Detection limit: 5 pg / μl (only for defined peaks in the DNF-474 NGS HS assay)
  • High flexibility through the use of different gel matrices
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis modes
  • Standardized assignment of integrity and quality scores for RNA and DNA

available Assays

Assay Type Concentration Sizing range [bp] Samples
Standard Sensitivity RNA Assay
totalRNA 10 - 500 ng/µl 200 - 6.000 1 - 11
mRNA 10 - 500 ng/µl
High Sensitivity RNA Assay
totalRNA 250 - 5.000 pg/µl 200 - 6.000 1 - 11
mRNA 500 - 5.000 pg/µl
High Sensitivity NGS
Fragment Analysis Kit
definierter Peak 50 - 500 pg/µl 100 - 6.000 1 - 11
smear analysis 250 - 5.000 pg/µl
High Sensitivity Genomic
large fragment 50kb DNA Analysis Kit
smear analysis

50 - 5.000 pg/µl gDNA

(Optimum 1ng/µl)

75 - 48.500  1 - 11
DNF-467 genomic DNA 50 kb Kit smear analysis 25 - 250 ng/µl 75 - 60.000 1 - 11


Femto Pulse (Agilent Technologies)

The Agilent Technologies Femto Pulse System is a fluorescence-based capillary gel electrophoresis system for the parallel separation and quantification of up to 11 samples (DNA and RNA).
Due to a pulsed field separation, the device can separate high molecular DNA fragments (up to 165 kb) and nucleic acid concentrations in the femtogram range can also be detected (minimum 50 fg / μl).
These properties make the device the ideal QC analysis system for applications in the field of long-read, gDNA, smallRNA or cfDNA sequencing as well as for samples with little material.

  •     Capillary gel electrophoresis unit for quality control for RNA and DNA with a focus on high molecular weight samples and samples with little material
  •     12 capillary system (11 samples and 1 standard)
  •     Resolution: up to 165 kb
  •     Detection limit: 50 fg / μl
  •     Highly flexible due to different assay variants
  •     Qualitative and quantitative analysis options
  •     Standardized assignment of integrity and quality scores for RNA and DNA
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