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Whole Genome Sequencing

In whole genome sequencing, the complete DNA of an organism is sequenced. Depending on the size of the genome, various NGS platforms may be used, with Ion PGM (Lifetechnologies) or MiSeq (Illumina) being used for small to medium genome sizes (1 Mb to 120 Mb, with an average coverage of 100x). For larger genomes, the Ion Proton and Ion S5 (ThermoFisher Scientific) or the HiSeq3000 (Illumina) are suitable options.

Genomes of Mycobacterium sp. (~ 4.4 to 6.9 Mb, GC content> 65%), Chlamydia sp. (~ 1 Mb) and Enterobacter sp. (~ 5.3 Mb) have been successfully sequenced on the PGM or on the MiSeq.

The GTL can help with planning and design of an experiment as well as its implementation and data analysis.

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