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Qualitative QC-Analyses

For qualitative assessment of nucleic acid samples (DNA and RNA), the GTL has a Fragment Analyzer (AATI) at its disposal. Qualitative assessment of high molecular weight gDNA is carried out on the Femto Pulse. These platforms works with fluorescent dyes and are therefore very sensitive so that even low concentrations of nucleic acids can be analysed.

In order to avoid failures, please pay attention to the observance of the concentration ranges for the respective assay (see below), as the concentrations are usually not checked by us in advance. The minimum sample volume should not be less than 5 μl.

Fragment Analyzer

Assay Type Concentration Sizing range [bp] Samples
Standard Sensitivity RNA Assay
totalRNA 10 - 500 ng/µl 200 - 6.000 1 - 11
mRNA 10 - 500 ng/µl
High Sensitivity RNA Assay
totalRNA 250 - 5.000 pg/µl 200 - 6.000 1 - 11
mRNA 500 - 5.000 pg/µl
High Sensitivity NGS
Fragment Analysis Kit
defined Peak 50 - 500 pg/µl 100 - 6.000 1 - 11
smear analysis 250 - 5.000 pg/µl
High Sensitivity Genomic
large fragment 50kb DNA Analysis Kit
smear analysis

50 - 5.000 pg/µl gDNA

(Optimum 1ng/µl)

75 - 48.500  1 - 11
DNF-467 genomic DNA 50 kb Kit smear analysis 25 - 250 ng/µl 75 - 60.000 1 - 11

Femto Pulse

Assay Type Concentration Sizing range [kbp] Samples
gDNA 165 kb

high molecular weight gDNA

0,1 - 0,3 ng/µl 1.3 - 165  1 - 11


Please use our TSM system for ordering. After successful registration, QC-Analyses can be ordered. Please hand in the prepared samples together with an order form ("Blockzettel") (sample information is entered directly in the TSM system) to building 22.07 floor U1, room 61.

Important: Please mention the order number from the TSM system on the order form.

After the analysis is completed, results will be provided via email to the address provided in the TSM as a *.pdf file. In addition, in the case of Bioanalyzer results, you will receive a corresponding *.xad file with the original measurement data. This file format is readable with the Bioanalyzer Expert software, which can be downloaded from the Agilent Homepage.

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