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Next-Generation Sequencing

The GTL currently has the following NGS platforms available, which are used for different applications. An overview of the current product line and explanations of the respective technology can be found on the homepage of the respective manufacturer.

If you have any questions about the different NGS platforms, the respective application possibilities as well as the experimental planning, please .

On the NGS platforms mentioned above, we are using the following applications with established workflows:

FAQ - NGS-Analyses

Before ordering an NGS analysis, you must first register with us and upon registration accept our privacy policy. Then you can place an order electronically. In addition to the samples themselves, the following documents are required to process your samples:

  • a completed "Blockzettel" as order form (including cost center and GTL billing account)

Due to the highly different requirements from project to project, prices for NGS orders are always calculated on a project-specific basis. Please for a non-binding quote.

The sample requirements for the different workflows and applications can be found here.

We are also always interested in establishing and validating further NGS applications within corresponding cooperation projects. If necessary, we also offer support for data analysis.


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